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Non Ferrous Metals

Bronze Alloys

Aluminum Bronze (General Reference Density 7.5 gm/cm3)
Aluminum Bronze C61400 CA106 CW303G H3100(92) C6140 P 2.0932 1634-CuAl8Fe3
Aluminum Bronze C62500 CA103
Aluminum Bronze C61800 CW305G Z3341(93)-YCuAl 2.094 1640 -CuAl10Fe
Aluminum Bronze "9A" C95200 CC331G 2.0941 1338-CuAl10Fe2 IS:305 AB1
Aluminum Bronze C62300 CA103 CW306G H3100(92) C6161 BE/BD/BF 2.0966 CuAl10Fe3 IS 10569 CuAl10Fe3
Aluminum Bronze "9C" C95400 AB1-C H5114 IS 3091:1999
Aluminum Bronze C62400 CA106
Aluminum Bronze C95900 CW304G H5111-BC1 2.0962 4382-2 - CuSn8P
Silicon Aluminum Bronze (General Reference Density 8.5 gm/cm3)
Silicon Aluminum Bronze C63600 CuAl3Si
Silicon Aluminum Bronze C64200 CA107 CW301G CuAl7Si2 CuAl7Si2 IS 10569 CuAl7Si2
Silicon Bronze (General Reference Density 8.5 gm/cm3)
Silicon Bronze (AMS 4616) C64200 CA107 CW301G CuAl7Si2 CuAl7Si2
Low Silicon Bronze "B" C65100 CW115C 2.049 1187-CuSi1
High Silicon Bronze "A" C65500 CS101 CW116C 2.1525 R1187-CuSi3Mn1
High Tensile Manganese Bronze (General Reference Density 8.36 gm/cm3)
High Tensile Manganese Bronze C66800
High Tensile Manganese Bronze C67500 CW721 R CuZn39AlFeMn
High Tensile Manganese Bronze B C67000 CW400J 2.077 1637-CuNi10Zn42Pb2
High Tensile Manganese Bronze C67600
High Tensile Manganese Bronze C67300 2.0525
High Tensile Manganese Bronze C86200
High Tensile Manganese Bronze C86300 BS 1400 HTB3 CC762S HBSC4 2.0598 CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 / CuZn25Al5
High Tensile Manganese Bronze C86500 BS 1400 HTB3 CC765S HBSC4 2.034 CuZn35AlFeMn
Nickel Aluminum Bronze (General Reference Density 7.6 gm/cm3)
Nickel Aluminum Bronze C63000 CA104,CA105 CW307G H3100(92) C6280 P 2.0966 1634-2-CuAl10Ni5Fe4 IS10569 CuAl10Fe5Ni5
Alpha Nickel Aluminum Bronze C95800 CA104 AB1 H2206(00) AlBCln2 2.0976 CuAl10Fe5Ni5 IS:305 AB2
Nickel Aluminum Bronze C63020 CA104 CW307G H3100 C6301 2.0978 1338- CuAl11Ni5Fe5
Nickel Tin Bronze Spinodal C96900 CW302G
Nickel Aluminum Bronze C63200 CA104 CW307G CAC303 (HBsC3) 2.0978 1637-CuAl10Fe5Ni5
Nickel Aluminum Bronze 9D C95500 AB2-C CC333G H2206(00)-AlBCln3 2.094 1338-CuAl10Fe5Ni5
NES 833 - Nickel Aluminum Bronze C62730 CA 104 CW307G C6301 2.0966 CuAl10Ni5Fe4
Leaded Commercial Bronze (General Reference Density 8.84 gm/cm3)
Leaded Commercial Bronze C31400 CuZn9Pb2
Nickel Leaded Commercial C31600
Phosphorus Bronze (General Reference Density 8.85 gm/cm3)
Phosphorus Bronze C51000 PB102 CW451K C5102 / 3270 CuSn4 1634-CuSn5 IS 7811
Phosphorus Bronze C53400 CW458K H3270(92) C5341 B CuSn5Pb1 CuSn5Pb1
Phosphorus Bronze C51080 H3110(92) C5102 P/R
Phosphorus Bronze C51800 CW457K H3270(92) C5102 B CuSn4Te1P
Phosphorus Bronze C51900 PB103 CW452K H3110(92) C5191 P/R 2.1025 CuSn6 IS 7814 Grade III
Phosphorus Bronze C51980 C11 2.1020 CuSn6
Phosphorus Bronze C52100 PB104 CW453K H3110(92) C5212 P/R 2.101/2.103 CuSn8 IS 7814 Grade IV
Phosphorus Bronze C52180 CW460K Z3441(93) YCuSn B CuSn8P
Phosphorus Bronze C52400 2.1050 427 - CuSn10
Phosphorus Bronze C52480
Phosphorus Bronze C90710 PB1 CC481K CuSn11P-C
Phosphorus Bronze C90810 PB2 CC483K CuSn12

Product Range

Brass Wires Specialized Brass Wires Brass Rods Specialized Copper Alloy Rods Ingots & Billet
Copper & Copper Alloy Tubes Bronze Rods Brass Tubes Copper Nickel
Leaded Brass Naval Brass Nickel Silver Brass Red Brass Yellow Brass
Other Brass
Aluminum Bronze Silicon Aluminum Bronze High Tensile Manganese Bronze Nickel Aluminum Bronze
C11000 Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper Nickel Leaded Copper Other Copper

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